Let nature wake you up

We protect local biodiversity by inviting people to enjoy nature. We do this by offering  carefully selected holiday houses in the midst of nature on our easy-to-use bookingplatform

Each time you book with us you donate you donate to our biodiversity projects. In the last three years we donated almost 400.000 euros to local projects. When our company thrives, local nature can flourish.

Read more about our nature projects.

We are a B-Corp certified company because of our impact on human and nature. You can read here more about this certfication

Do you want to contribute to our mission? Check out our job openings.

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Meet our office & team

Working at Nature House means

  1. Contribute to local biodiversity by making the platform better every day 🌳

  2. Being part of an ambitious and international team 🚀

  3. Inspiration sessions about topics related to nature and biodiversity 🌱

  4. Get 2 extra paid holidays in case of not using airplane for travel in your previous year ✈️

  5. Visit nature projects and work every quarter in our own nature area 🚵 

  6. Get a free nature house experience in your first months 🌞

  7. Working on a high traffic platform with a 400k+ fanbase on social media 💻

  8. Every week fresh fruit from the local farmer 🍎

  9. Green office near central station of Breda and the city parc 🏡

  10. Profit share up to 4 month salaries per year 💸

  11. Study budget & spend 10% of your working hours to self study or personal development🌟

  12. Vitality budget to keep you mentally and physically in balance💪

Houses you can find on our platform

Our Culture

  1. Down to earth 🌍: We are 100% ourselves, natural and unpolished. We are rooted in tech and have nothing to hide. We are always authentic and transparent about our intentions, actions, successes and failures. Come rain or shine. We love mother earth, in every season.
  2. Foster & Flourish 🌷: We care for and protect what we love. And that’s nature and the people around us: our team, our nature hosts, our nature guests. We create an inspiring diverse people & nature centered culture. We feel the responsibility to go beyond the expected and manage a healthy environment to thrive.
  3. Early Birds 🐦: Snoozing is losing. Nature calls on us. We need to wake up and act now. Fortunately we are early birds by nature. We feel the urgency and the need for speed. We are ambitious, tech driven and dare to try, learn and adapt. This gives us wings to fly further and faster than we could imagine.
  4. Cross Pollinate 🐝: Only together we can make the impact we envision. We need the power of the collective with everyone’s unique perspective, skill or passion. Being nature lovers we strongly believe in cross fertilization, bringing people together from unexpected angles, sharing stories and mobilizing people for our mission.

Joining Nature House in 5 steps

Location of our office